Ecopaint renews the certification in Research, Development and Innovation.

News date: 6 April 2020

The NOV Group has been promoting the development of projects focused on the differentiation through innovation, modernization and the sustainability of its businesses, promoting the increase of its capacity with a strong investment in research and development in the creation of new products, processes and services.

In April of 2017, the implementation of the Innovation Management System was initiated, according to the NP 4457, aiming at its certification under the ‘’ Research, development and innovation of solutions for vertical road signs, road marks and paints for civil construction’’.

In August of 2018, Ecopaint obtained a Certification in the Norm NP 4457: 2007 in Research, Development and Innovation of Solutions for Vertical Road Signs, Road Marks and Paints for Civil Construction.

In 2019, Ecopaint renewed its certification in IDI. This certification allowed the definition of strategies for the next years, having as main objective to guarantee the growth tendency of the activity, maintaining the bet on Rigor, Solidity, Cooperation, Competence and Ethics.

Product innovation in Ecopaint's business, has a crucial importance, however organizational and marketing innovation have made significant progress in developing the culture of valuing “ideas”.

Aware of this huge responsibility, Ecopaint maintains its strong commitment to its IDI certification and, at a time when the country is going through the biggest pandemic ever, a new audit was carried out in March 2020. With zero non-conformities, the company managed to renew of IDI certification.