Campaign for the use of masks counts with the support of NOV Automóveis

News date: 26 August 2020

The Municipality of Leiria presented 'Leiria Regressa 2.0', the most recent awareness campaign for the use of masks in July, as a protection measure for COVID-19, which has the support of NOV Automóveis.

The Mayor of Leiria, Gonçalo Lopes, stated at the press conference held at Parque Tenente Coronel Jaime Filipe da Fonseca (Parque do Avião), that “we realized that, at times, there was a forgetfulness of the concern about wearing the mask ”And this is a“ collective journey, it is no use just being protected ”.

LPM and LizDrive, companies of Grupo NOV Automóveis, joined the action with the supply of vehicles that, characterized in a similar way to those of the PSP, lead the anti-Covid “police” to patrol the municipality until the end of September, recommending the use of a protective mask “in all spaces”, similar to what is being done in other countries.