Social responsibility, a safe value of Grupo NOV

News date: 16 October 2020

Despite of these uncertain times we are experiencing, Grupo NOV has actively kept its value of social responsibility by supporting various initiatives in its companies.

One of the first initiatives of Grupo NOV in 2020 took place at the Home Hospitalization Unit (HHU) of the Hospital Center of Leiria (HCL), with the provision of a vehicle by LPM earlier this year. The new HHU of the HCL consists of a hospital care model for acute patients with pathologies of high complexity, which is characterized by the possibility of providing care at home. The HHU aims to contribute in humanizing health care, offering differentiated hospital-level treatments in the comfort of patients´ homes, reducing the rate of complications related to infections in a hospital setting, and bringing the hospital closer to the community.

In May, Grupo NOV Mozambique delivered various materials to produce around 1,000 individual protection visors for free delivery to various health professionals, police, markets, among others, to the Recycling and Services Organization.

Through BioSmart, the Group supported once more the initiative of the Music Festival in Leiria, organized by Orfeão de Leiria. It was initially scheduled for March and April but the event was postponed to the second half of the year with some concerts still scheduled.

In partnership with the Salvador Association, it will be possible to purchase a handbike for the sport practice of a boy from 8th grade, with an 81% degree of disability, residing in Porto de Mós. The association promoted a “Solidary Tour 2020” in which it visited 10 people with disabilities from 10 counties from north to south of Portugal.

The "Esperança 2020" project was also supported by the construction of bathrooms in Santo Antão and an Uniraid initiative was sponsored, through a team of two Portuguese students called "Trinca Espinhas". This is a solidarity raid in which the main objective is to deliver solidarity material to primary schools in the most remote areas of Morocco.

In addition to these initiatives, many others have been taken by the Group´s companies as part of their concern for the global community.