Lenobetão reinforces partnership with Construções Gameiro in project at Sítio da Nazaré

News date: 14 June 2022

As a result of an already long partnership with the company Construções Gameiro, Lenobetão will supply the ready-mixed concrete for the most recent civil construction project to be born at Sítio da Nazaré.

Based in that picturesque fishing village, the company Construções Gameiro was founded in 1985 by the current managing partner Manuel Lopes Gameiro, resulting from the vast experience acquired in the civil construction sector.

The new development of 4 floors of residential buildings, whose construction began at the end of 2021, will consist of 20 apartments of type T1 to T3.

For the contract in question, Lenobetão will supply a total of 1600 m3 of structural ready-mixed concrete, produced in accordance with NP EN 206 – “Betão, Especificação, Desempenho, Produção e Conformidade” (Concrete, Specification, Performance, Production and Compliance), with an approximate value of €100,000.00.

Among the largest companies in the country, in its sector, Lenobetão, S.A. it also has certification for its quality management system, under the NP EN ISO9001 standard for the scope of “Desenvolvimento, Produção e fornecimento de betão pronto” (Development, Production and supply of ready-mixed concrete).

With a privileged location and with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop, the work should be completed by the end of 2022.