Requalification of streets in Montalvo completed by Grupo NOV

News date: 29 July 2022

The rehabilitation of Rua da Relvinha and Rua Dom Afonso Henriques in Montalvo was awarded by the Municipality of Constância, to Grupo NOV Engenharia & Construções, through a consortium formed by NOV Pro Construções and Lena Engenharia e Construções.

This undertaking, which started in january and ended in july, had as its main objective the requalification of the accesses to the Centro Escolar de Montalvo.

The intervention began at the junction between E.N. 3 with Rua da Relvinha, Rua Ladeira de Santo António, Avenida D. Afonso Henriques and access to a private subdivision. To resolve this 5-way intersection in a harmonious way for traffic, a roundabout with a radius of 8 meters was built, with a climbable kerb.

On Avenida D. Afonso Henriques, a water supply pipe in ceramic stoneware was replaced, over a length of 335 metres.

Rua da Relvinha was repaved and profiled, a parking area was also created, and the pedestrian walkway was upgraded. In addition, an intervention was carried out to complete phase I of the private subdivision called “Casas do Rio”, namely supplying, to the 8 lots bordering Rua da Relvinha, basic infrastructure such as water supply, residual drainage, rainwater, electricity and telecommunications.