Águas Públicas do Alentejo awards lagoon cleaning to BioSmart for €1.4 million

News date: 29 August 2022

BioSmart – Soluções Ambientais, from Grupo NOV Ambiente e Energia, secured the award and has already started work on the tender for the “Acquisition of services for removing sludge from WWTP ponds”, for AgdA - Águas Públicas do Alentejo, S.A. ., taking place at 33 WWTP in the area of influence of this entity.

The WWTP identified are located in the 13 member municipalities of the AgdA: Aljustrel, Arraiolos, Barrancos, Beja, Castro Verde, Cuba, Mértola, Odemira, Santiago do Cacém, Serpa, Vendas Novas, Viana do Alentejo and Vidigueira. The provision of services has a maximum term of 3 years.

The public procedure has a maximum value of 1,418,715.40 euros, depending on the volume of work actually required, measured in tons of sludge removed, transported and delivered for disposal at an appropriate final destination.

The final amount to be borne by AgdA will essentially depend on the volume of sludge removed (m3) and the amount of sludge (tonnes) sent to an appropriate final destination, agricultural recovery and composting being admissible.

It is planned to clean 33 ponds, 7 using a raft with pumping for sludge suction and drying using a mobile dewatering unit and 26 using mechanical means of the rotating type with a cleaning bucket without teeth and rubber caterpillars and drying of the sludge through solar dehydration.

In total, it is estimated that 24,350 tons of sludge will be removed, 6,360 using a raft and 17,990 using a swivel.