Viamarca road signs at the Continente project in Condeixa

News date: 19 October 2022

Viamarca carried out the contract for painting and assembling signs at the CONTINENTE Bom Dia in Condeixa hypermarket, for the client Domingos da Silva Teixeira.

The contract, whose value was around 30,000 euros, involved manual painting with hot thermoplastic paint of around 1,500 linear meters of parking lines, placement of arrows, stops, lanes and pedestrian crossings.

The work also included the painting of parking spaces for the disabled, for electric cars and large families, as well as a 200-metre-long cycle path where pictograms of bicycles and chevrons were applied.

In addition to painting the car park, the shop and the bike path, the access road with an extension of about 400 linear meters was also painted.

As for vertical signs, 70 vertical traffic signs were produced and mounted.