Convention and Gala 2022 with + VALOR

News date: 3 November 2022

The XXIII Grupo NOV Convention and the Evening Gala took place in the first semester of the year, under the motto +VALOR (+VALUE).

The XXIII Convention, which took place during the afternoon at Eurosol Leiria, with only employees, was essentially carried out in a face-to-face format, contrary to what happened in the previous two years, and also had the remote participation of employees from the international area.

The work agenda sought to differentiate itself from previous years, with the aim of creating greater interaction between all participating employees and promoting team spirit.

As usual, the Group´s CFO, Paulo Silva Reis, addressed the financial performance for 2021. The Group´s CEO, Joaquim Paulo Conceição, addressed the main challenges for 2022 and beyond. He highlighted three main axes: Synergistic and Selective Business (products for NOV customers, Relational and Digital, Independence and profitability in international markets); Pride with Satisfaction and Competence (satisfaction with recovery of self-esteem, and promotion of competence); Added and Perceived Value (perceiving remuneration for value, adding value to the relationship and promoting our value).

In addition to these two inevitable interventions at the group´s Convention, the Group´s employees had to participate in the work agenda. First, during the course of the afternoon, they had to participate by answering small online questionnaires that were launched at three different times.

On the other hand, 10 working groups, created before the Convention, had to present the result of their work. The challenge launched to the approximately 200 participating employees was intended to present improvement suggestions for: adding value to products and services and/or how to optimize processes. From this reflection, around 50 suggestions for improvement were added, some to be implemented and others already being implemented and that will help to create greater sustainability and more value.

The national and international Executive Committees participated this year through the screening of short films. In these, they had the opportunity to share with those present what they considered to be the main weaknesses and highlights of 2021, and changes to be implemented to create more value in 2022.

At the end of the afternoon´s work, the three most cooperative collaborators on Canal NOV in 2021 were awarded, the winner of the questionnaires that were taking place during the afternoon, and what was considered the best reflection group.

The Evening Gala, which took place at the premises of LPM Leiria, was attended by employees and also members of the Leiria Business School, the entity responsible for carrying out the «Economic and Financial Analysis» training that took place during this week, with members of the Committees Executives, among other employees that show potential of Grupo NOV.

The evening event was enlivened by the violin and saxophone of the musician Mário Dias, and included dinner, delivery of certificates of appreciation to some group employees who retired in 2021/2022, delivery of recognition certificates to the Executive Committees that most highlighted in 2021 (Industry, Automobiles and Environment), and the completion of training with the delivery of diplomas to trainees.

The overall satisfaction of participants in the event on April 22 (Convention and Gala) was very positive. At the Convention, 93% satisfaction for the face-to-face event and 91% for the online event. At the Gala, the level of satisfaction reached 95%.