Viamarca in the implementation of signalizations near quarries in critical situations

News date: 7 November 2019

The partial collapse of the Municipal Road 255 in Borba, on November 19th 2018, reinforced the need to ascertain the real situation of existing quarries throughout the continental territory, in order to assess the intervention needs with the primary objective of protecting people, goods and the environment.

The survey carried out by the Government points out the existence of about 2,500 quarries, including 57% licensed by the central Public Administration and 43% licensed by the local Public Administration. In order to improve the safety of some of these quarries, in May 2019, EDM - Empresa de Desenvolvimento Mineiro, SA (EDM, SA), awarded Viamarca with the contract for the Implementation of Signalisation in the Surroundings of Quarries in Critical Situation for a value of around of 120 thousand euros.