Grupo NOV Automóveis acts in the Portuguese market, representing the car brands PEUGEOT, FORD, KIA, VOLVO, JEEP, OPEL, FIAT, FIAT PROFESSIONAL, ABARTH, ISUZU, PIAGGIO COMERCIAL and MAXUS in the central part of the country.

This business unit activities include selling of new and used cars, car maintenance, selling of parts, fleet management and operating leasing, with the companies LPM, LizDrive, Socarros and Rentlei.


LizDrive - Ford Dealership in Leiria
zoomfoto:LizDrive - Ford Dealership in Leiria (15)
LPM - Peugeot Dealership in Leiria
zoomfoto:LPM - Peugeot Dealership in Leiria (70)
LPM - Peugeot Dealership in Caldas da Rainha
zoomfoto:LPM - Peugeot Dealership in Caldas da Rainha (71)
LPM - Volvo Dealership in Santarém
zoomfoto:LPM - Volvo Dealership in Santarém (74)
LPM - Peugeot Dealership in Tomar
zoomfoto:LPM - Peugeot Dealership in Tomar (76)



Lizdrive is a company belonging to the NOV Group Automotive and is a Ford dealer in Leiria, Caldas da Rainha, Santarém, Pombal and Tomar.

The company sells new, almost new and second-hand Ford vehicles. It performs vehicle maintenance (mechanical, bodywork and paintwork), sells original parts and fits and sells tyres.

Lizdrive first opened in 2007 in Leiria with a view to expanding the NOV Group Automotive. In January 2008, it also opened in Caldas da Rainha and, in July of the same year, in Pombal. At the beginning of 2017 we opened facilities in Santarem.


Created in August 1998, LPM is one of the largest automobile companies in the central region being a Peugeot, Kia, Volvo, Opel, Jeep, Fiat, Fiat Progessional and Abarth dealer.

Besides the sale of new and second-hand vehicles, LPM provides maintenance services including mechanics, bodywork and paintwork services.

The company operates in the central region: Leiria, Tomar, Pombal, Santarém and Caldas da Rainha.



Rentlei is specialised in fleet management and operational leasing across Portugal.

Rentlei offers a wide variety of products and services tailor made to each customer’s needs. It sets itself apart from the competition for the quality of its service and after-sales support.

The versatility of its solutions and the professionalism of the Rentlei’s staff relieve customers of their concerns and allow them to dedicate their full time and energy to what is really important: their business.

Therefore, a vast and increasing number of people, individual executives, self-employed and private entities choose Rentlei above all others as a partner to develop and grow their businesses.


With facilities in Pedrome - Leiria, Socarros is a multibrand authorized repairer, with qualified and experienced staff, whose purpose is to provide the best service to its customers.

Socarros is also present in Tomar with the representation of the Isuzu brand.


Quinta da Pedreira - Alto do Vieiro, Lote 2
Parceiros, Ap. 407
2400-822 Leiria

Tel.: 244 817 170 *

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