With different energies and different businesses, all NOV Ambiente & Energia’s companies share the same rigour, responsibility and transparency environments, projecting the future and relying in the experience conquered throughout the years and investing on new products and leading technological solutions.

Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia undertakes a global mission: return nature to its original purity, by joining the preservation of natural resources with technology, in a perfect alliance between sustainable growth and development for a better and cleaner Future.
Main activity areas:

  • Renewable Energies: creation, implementation and management of projects for the production of electrical energy from renewable sources (wind, photovoltaic and tidal energy).
  • Water and sanitation: integrated management of supply and sanitation systems and all kinds of associated infrastructures, management of water concession contracts and operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts for urban and industrial systems.
  • Waste management and transportation: management and operation of landfills for urban solid waste, ordinary and inert industrial waste, sludge agricultural valorisation, composting,conditioning, collection, transportation and temporary storage of waste, sludge dehydration mobile service.
  • Maintenance and equipment: project and production of equipment for the environmental and agro-industrial sectors.
  • Environmental consulting: preparation of environmental studies and projects in the areas of waste, water supply and reuse, sanitation, among others.

​Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia has been investing on innovation, with the presentation of several applications to research and tecnological development projects within the PO CI, leading partnerships with private entities and polytechnic/university entities. By fostering a reliable relationship with public and private customers, this sector intends to be a reference in environment preservation and an incentive to Circular Economy and Innovation.

Landfill of Abrantes
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Unidade de Secagem Solar e Estacão de Transferência
zoomfoto:Unidade de Secagem Solar e Estacão de Transferência (80)
Landfill of Castelo Branco
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Landfill Resilei - Leiria
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Abrantaqua, Lena Ambiente invested company, is the concessionaire for the waste water service in the Municipality of Abrantes.

The concession contract started in 2008 and has a duration of 30 years.
The concession scope undertakes the infrastructures operation, maintenance, preservation and rehabilitation aspects, as well as the execution of drainage and treatment systems with the aim of serving 93% of the municipality population, which has a total of 39 325 inhabitants.

The managed sanitation infrastructures include nowadays about 25 000 mains connections, 265 km of waste water collector, 50 km of rain water collector, 35 pumping stations and 27 waste water treatment plants, including the management and operation of a sludge treatment anaerobic plant in Abrantes’ WWTP, including the reuse of the produced biogas 


Founded in 2009, and incorporated in Lena Ambiente, S.A. from NOV Group, S.S. Bioenergias, S.A. has its main activity in the valuation of livestock, farming and industrial waste, as well as the production of agricultural fertilizers, responding to the needs for WWTP sludge drainage, both industrial and urban, helping their farmer partners in the profitability of their productive factors and always ensuring the safeguard of natural resources.

In the terms of Decree-Law nr. 276/2009, Bioenergias is authorized to work in the agricultural use of sewage sludge.

They are licenced for the temporary storage of waste in Figueira da Foz farm.

Bioenergias is also committed to the investigation and development of new solutions for the sector in which they operate.

Through their partners, Bioenergias has the capability to address the need for collection and road transportation of non-dangerous waste, offering a range of vehicles dully adapted with the necessary mechanisms (polibenne and multibenne), as wells as dully trained workers.

BioSmart, S.A.

Having started its operations in the management and exploitation of sanitary landfills from municipalities associations, namely the collection and treatment of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), BioSmart has been diversifying their activity areas, responding to the needs and expectations of their customers regarding environmental protection and public health.

BioSmart has more than twenty years of experience in MSW Systems Management and was one of the first companies in Portugal performing Waste Integrated Management, from packaging and transportation to landfill reception, disposal and treatment.

These skills, built up from Municipal Solid Waste, were extended to Ordinary Industrial Waste (non-dangerous).

Through operation and management contracts, later also concession contracts, there was a focus on services associated to water distribution and waste water treatment systems.

This focus strengthened the technical and management skills of the associated teams.

Currently and all over the country, BioSmart ensures the operation of complex effluent drainage and treatment systems, namely through their participation in the concessions of Abrantes and Cartaxo Municipalities.

BioSmart’s activity includes interventions in areas such as:

  • Integrated Management and Waste Recovery
    • Management and Exploitation of Landfills and Transfer Stations;
    • Container Rental;
    • Waste Transportation and Collection;
    • Selective Collection;
    • Sludge Management;
    • Waste Characterization;
  • Management and Exploitation of Infrastructures at the level of networks for Supply, Drainage and Treatment of Waste and Drinking Water;
  • Supply of water treatment solutions;
  • Provision of environmental maintenance and metalworking services;
  • Environmental Monitoring and Follow-Up of Environmental Impacts;

Consulting in the Field of Quality, Environment and Security.


Cartágua – Águas do Cartaxo, S.A., is a Lena Ambiente invested company, responsible for the management of supply and sanitation municipal public services in the Cartaxo Municipality.

The concession contract started in 2010 and has a duration of 35 years.

Cartágua manages approximately 13 000 water and sanitation service contracts in a population of 24 458 inhabitants residing in the municipality.

The company performs the maintenance of the supply network over an approximative length of 235 km of pipelines and associated mains that serve about 80% of the municipality houses. The sanitation network, with an approximative length of 130 km of collectors, is currently available to about 70% of the houses.

As main supply system infrastructures, they hold 5 water collection holes, 15 depots for the storage of drinking water and they receive water in 2 EPAL points.

In the sanitation system, they manage 4 waste water treatment plants and 11 pumping stations.


GESAMB – Gestão Ambiental e de Resíduos, EIM, was created by Associação de Municípios do Distrito de Évora (Municipalities Association) and it is a cross-municipality company with mainly public funds, legal personality and financial and patrimonial autonomy.

GESAMB’s statutory capital is set at 1 million euros, 60% from Associação de Municípios do Distrito de Évora (currently CIMAC - Comunidade Intermunicipal do Alentejo Central) and 40 % from Lena Ambiente.

GESAMB is the company responsible for the management and exploitation of the Cross-Municipality System for the Recovery and Treatment of Municipal Waste in the Municipality of Évora (SIRU), which integrates the municipalities of Alandroal, Arraiolos Borba, Estremoz, Évora, Montemor-o-Novo, Mora, Mourão, Redondo, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Vendas Novas and Vila Viçosa, that produce about 76 thousand tons of municipal solid waste per year. They hold a sanitary landfill, seven eco-centres, four transfer stations, one sorting unit, one mechanical and biological treatment unit and one RDF production unit.

Their intervention area corresponds to 6.9 % of the country’s total area, including about 157.351 inhabitants (12 Municipalities), and they treat and recover 1.6 % of all domestic waste produced in Portugal.

GESAMB has their headquarters at Aterro Sanitário Intermunicipal (Sanitary Landfill), at Estrada Nacional 380 (Évora - Alcáçovas), Km 89,9.


RESILEI - TRATAMENTOS DE RESÍDUOS INDUSTRIAIS, SA is the company responsible for the management of the second Non-Dangerous Waste landfill to come into operation in Portugal, having started its activity in October 2002.

Located in the Maceira parish, Municipality of Leiria, Resilei landfill has an highly qualified technical team committed to develop their activity strictly complying with the good environmental practices and legal requirements.

Through the treatment and recycling of Non-Dangerous Waste, Resilei contributes to a more global mission that includes building a sustainable future for the coming generations.

Resilei is invested by SUMA - Serviços Urbanos e Meio Ambiente, S.A. and by Lena Ambiente – Gestão de Resíduos, S.A., standing out for their rigorous management and several decades of experience and being a reference at national level.

Treciver, S.A.

Treciver - Gestão Ambiental, S.A., with management integrated at Lena Ambiente, has been establishing itself as a reference brand in the following fields:

  • Waste Packaging;
  • Waste Transportation;
  • Waste Treatment;
  • Waste Global Management;
  • Container rental.

Quality, Environmental and Safety management

Despite its different activities, the mission of the Environment and Energy Unit of NOV Group is global: restore nature to its original purity, joining the conservation of our nature resources to technology, in a perfect alliance between sustainable growth and long-term development. The bet on the most advanced technologies to promote the conservation of natural resources is the expression of the perfect alliance between sustainable growth and long-term development. The mission is more to preserve the environment than to develop its activity. The intention is to provide benchmark services at national and international level, ensuring the satisfaction of the stakeholders and the establishment of long-lasting relationships with them. The Group’s policies and processes are designed to prevent pollution resulting from its activities and to make efficient use of raw materials, energy and natural resources. In order to do this, the best available technologies are adopted, promoting reuse and recycling and constantly monitoring the environmental impact of the activities. This diligent effort to comply with the legal and other environmental requirements applicable to the activities is evident in all the companies who are working in the water, waste and energy sectors. A Quality Management System was developed and implemented in conformity with the NP EN ISO 9001:2000 and NP EN ISO 14001:2004 standards, its effectiveness being continually improved through the employees’ engagement. The close ties with the stakeholders and their input vis-à-vis the policies and processes are key drivers of the Group’s success. This commitment to sustainability is reflected by the competitiveness of the Environment and Energy Unit of NOV Group, the profitability of its projects and the continuous improvement of its management system.


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