Grupo NOV Engenharia e Construção is a business unit that operates at national – Portugal mainland and islands – and international levels, being present in the European continent (Bulgaria and Romania), South
America (Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela) and Africa (Algeria, Angola, Morocco and Mozambique).

Specialized in the design, construction and management of Public and Private Works, this sector acts in several domains, namely: communication routes; engineering and special structures; environment, hydraulic works and other infrastructures; Residential Buildings; Non-residential Buildings; Rehabilitation of Buildings; Dams and maritime works; other areas.

This NOV Group business unit accumulates a know-how of more than 70 years, with several works of national and international relevance, which allow it to face the challenges with a high degree of professionalism.

Municipal Stadium of LeiriaLeiria
zoomfoto:Municipal Stadium of Leiria (21)
Autoestrada 8Pataias
zoomfoto:Autoestrada 8 (85)
Portugal Pavilion, LisbonLisbon
zoomfoto:Portugal Pavilion, Lisbon (25)
Parada de Cunhos
Tunnel of Marão, Parada de CunhosParada de Cunhos
zoomfoto:Tunnel of Marão, Parada de Cunhos (26)
Torre de Moncorvo
Barragem Baixo SaborTorre de Moncorvo
zoomfoto:Barragem Baixo Sabor (82)
CICA - Hospital Center PortoPorto
zoomfoto:CICA - Hospital Center Porto (23)


NOV Group - Construction

The NOV Group construction business area was founded in 1974, witn the company Construtora do Lena. 

The company specialises in the design, construction and management of Public and Private Works, with an extensive portfolio of projects in which the segments of Roadways and Engineering Structures, the Environment and Urban Infrastructures and Civil Construction predominate.

The calling and desire for growth are the keywords  in its development as a major company, both for its performance as well as for the quality of the projects delivered. In this sense, it is a company capable of assuming commitments of any size or area of specialisation.

The company has operations in seven countries: Angola, Algeria, Bulgaria, Morocco, Mozambique, Romania and Venezuela. The track record and the international portfolio of the company gives ensures it a sustainable future on the international market.


Quality, Environmental and Safety management

Sustainable Development is a concern and a global challenge, involving the entire structure, both domestically and internationally. The construction sector is found in Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Morocco, Mozambique and Venezuela. Production is carried out on various types of works within the several segments of construction, aided by specialised areas that support the activity. Taking into account the current global context, the Engineering, Construction & Concessions Unit intends to operate in its economic, social and environmental domain in a responsible manner, generating value and guaranteeing the reliability and sustainability of its business. In this context, the Engineering and Construction sector plays an extremely important role in promoting sustainability. In the economic domain, goods and services that are highly useful socially are produced, fostering a wealth-generating growth. In the environmental field, investment is made in the prevention and subsequent mitigation of environmental impact of the activities carried out. On the social level, the activity creates jobs, contributing to the well-being and quality of life of the people it interacts with. Thanks to our management systems implemented and certified by the various standards (NP EN ISO 9001; NP EN ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001; NP EN 206 – 1 and CE Marking for construction products), we have a major competitive edge in the markets where we operate. The engagement of the workers in the improvement of the management systems implemented has contributed to boost the image of the organisation and to focus more on preventive than corrective measures. Additionally, the development of focused leadership, the mobilisation around common goals, the reduction of costs and a more efficient resources management has lead to an improvement in the processes and consequently an improvement in the satisfaction of our stakeholders.


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