The NOV Group Environment & energy reunites coworkers in Team Building

News date: 23 October 2019

The NOV Group Environment & Energy gathered several employees for a motivational action that took place on October 18 and 19, in Montargil.

According to NOV Group Ambiente & Energia’s Management, the purpose of this activity was to strengthen the teams ties and fellowship among colleagues, usually spread across different geographical areas, providing moments of relaxation and well-being to employees.

Union, interaction and fun were the key words of this action, which had about 30 employees from various companies of the Group. The teams, only unveiled at the Team Building site, brought together several people from different companies to deepen and strengthen interpersonal relationships in a relaxing and informal environment.

After dinner, the various teams took a multi-challenge test involving puzzles and physical skills. “Our purpose was to build confidence among the various team members in events that required strategy and a lot of cooperation,” says the Administration.