BioSmart cleans the ETA of Enxoé and Almograve

News date: 1 October 2020

BioSmart is cleaning the storage units for "dirty water" at the Water Treatment Plants (ETA) of Enxoé and Almograve.

The service is being provided to the Public Waters of Alentejo, S.A. and it started last August. For this purpose, the BioSmart Sludge Dewatering Unit (UDL) is being used. "The dirty waters", a by-product of the water treatment process, are continuously supplied to the mechanical dewatering system, with most of the fraction of water present in the sludge to be collected separated. The dewatered sludge is simultaneously containerized for later transport to destination. The water decanted from the centrifuge is sent to the beginning of the WTP treatment process or another appropriate place.

The dehydration of this waste significantly reduces the quantity to be sent and correspondingly the number of transports for that purpose, allowing to provide a service with higher quality and more sustainable for the water treatment service. In this case, in each of the WTPs of Enxoé and Almograve, about 300 cubic meters of 'dirty water' are processed, from which approximately 32 tons of dewatered sludge are extracted for final destination, the remaining volume being returned for recovery in the production process of water supply for the WTPs themselves.