The diversity of activities of NOV Group goes beyond the seven main sectors, with the participation in a company dedicated to the development of communications and internet projects and also in a civil engineering laboratory. 



ECLAB is oriented towards the analysis and testing of construction materials and is fitted with the most recent lab equipment and a qualified technical staff in the Civil Engineering fields. Its activity takes place throughout the country by means of mobile labs. It plays a key role in the quality control of materials used in construction works, from cement artefacts, concrete, aggregates and bituminous mixtures from production centres, to materials produced in the concrete plants of NOV Group.

This laboratory also extends its activity to external entities of NOV Group, providing the most varied quality control and construction work monitoring services.

The accreditation of the laboratory, according to the EN ISO/ IEC 17025, integrated on the company’s strategy that aims for the customer satisfaction and supported by the quality of its services, ensures that its activity takes place observing both the regulatory requirements and the customer requirements. This is the only way to ensure a high degree of trust in the performed work and in the results of the performed tests.

Liz On-Line

With the objective of satisfying customers through the development and implementation of solutions that simplify and optimize their businesses, using the most profitable and user-friendly technology, Liz On-Line has been developing new skills, new products, new services and establishing top level partnerships.

Currently, Liz On-Line has a wide range of available products and services, with the quality, professionalism and rigour of certified technicians, namely:


  • Technical Assistance
  • IT Outsourcing, System Implementation, Technological Strategies, Physical Infrastructures, Voice Servers
  • Data Center Solutions: Servers, Domains, Webmail and Security
  • PHC Support
  • Web and IT Consulting
  • Digital Printers, Copiers and Printers, Solutions for Large Formats (Copiers and digital printers, Scanners and Software), Document Management Workflow and Software, DFE and controllers and production printing Software)
  • Consumables: Applications, Paper, Toners and Drums
  • Computer Equipment (Computes, Laptops, Tablets, …)
  • Representation of the best brands: Ricoh, Cisco, Dell, HP, among others



In 2014, Liz On-Line launched Lizoffice, an e-commerce platform that allowed them to centralize the acquisition of office supplies and stationery. Th online store guarantees the best market prices, just a click away.



In 2016, Liz-Online created LizInov, a new activity field that resulted from the fusion with Publicenso - Imagem & Comunicação, Lda., the oldest and one of the biggest companies in their field in Leiria region.

Provided services:

  • Web development (sites, portals, extranet, intranet, virtual business cards), E-commerce, E-Marketing and Security
  • Advertising Strategies, Branding, Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Editorial and Multimedia, Content Production, Webdesign
  • Promotional, Editorial and Multimedia Supports Production
  • Consulting in Strategic Marketing, Means Planning, Project Design (RSE, Launchings, Campaigns, etc.), Web Marketing (SEO, SEA, social media marketing, training and consulting), custom made Management Software Development
  • Event Management, Clipping, Media Relations

Currently, Liz On-Line presents itself as a company with integrated solutions that gather more than two decades of experience in several activity areas that complement each other.”


Rua de Tomar, n.º 80
Quinta da Sardinha
2495-185 Santa Catarina da Serra | PORTUGAL

Phone: (+351) 244 749 100
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