Grupo NOV Imobiliária is the NOV Group business unit that integrates all real estate companies and projects. With activities in real estate promotion and investment it acts in three main markets: Portugal (mainland and islands), Brazil and Angola.

This business unit companies benefit from a vast experience and knowhow, resulting from its presence in the market for several years. Their properties constitute a vast and diversified portfolio in areas such as Housing, Services, Trade and Land, in a total of more then 1 million square meters.

Grupo NOV Imobiliária has the mission of developing high quality products, respecting the sustainable growth standards (social, economical and environmental). In order to achieve this objective, we focus on the best external partners, continuously providing training to the employees to achieve excellence levels, and we hold the best electronic platforms that allow a rapid and efficient decision taking and control.

Jardim dos PlátanosAbrantes
zoomfoto:Jardim dos Plátanos (27)
Santa Luzia BuildingMadeira
zoomfoto:Santa Luzia Building (28)
Ateneia StudiosLeiria
zoomfoto:Ateneia Studios (29)
Pataias - Alcobaça
Burinhosa buildingsPataias - Alcobaça
zoomfoto:Burinhosa buildings (32)
Areias de S. João BuildingAlbufeira
zoomfoto:Areias de S. João Building (33)


Angola Investimento Imobiliário, S.A.

The real estate sector of the NOV Group has made a vital bet on the international market, Angola, in particular.

The construction of the Edifício Moncada project, in Luanda, was completed in 2011, and most of the units have already been sold.

The Coqueiros and Alvalade projects, located in the centre of Luanda, are in the licensing and development stage.


Company with a wide experience and technical competence in construction and Real Estate development, execution of construction contracts and provision services specialized in repairing, remodeling, rehabilitation and conservation of any properties

Lena Imobiliária, S.A.

Lena Imobiliária, S.A. is a company specialised in real estate development and investments, with projects in mainland Portugal and Madeira.

Always looking for new trends and aware of its surroundings, Lena Imobiliária is focused on the construction of sustainable buildings, based on energy optimisation and environmentally efficient solutions.


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Rua de Tomar, nº 80 - Quinta da Sardinha
2495-185 Santa Catarina da Serra

GPS +39° 41' 1.78" N, -8° 40' 7.06"W
Tel (+351) 244 749 155
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