Bioenergias values, through composting, the sludge from the Valgode WWTP

News date: 24 October 2022

The contract for the «Provision of cleaning services for the sludge in the drying beds of the WWTP in Valgode» was guaranteed by Bioenergias, a company of the Grupo NOV Ambiente & Energia, which also includes the companies BioSmart and Treciver.

This award resulted from a public procedure launched by the Municipality of São Pedro do Sul. The infrastructure of the WWTP of Valgode serves the parishes of this Municipality as well as some parishes of the Municipality of Vouzela.

The work encompassed collection, loading, transport and recovery services for composting all the sludge in the drying beds, including their cleaning. Associated with this service was also the technical monitoring of the entire process.

The WWTP has 8 drying beds measuring 6 × 16.10 meters.

In the execution phase, around 200 tonnes of sludge from urban wastewater treatment were collected and recovered from these drying beds (Code LER – European Waste List – 190805).

The execution of these services lasted less than 1 month.


Photo source: Noticias de Vouzela