Consortium formed by Grupo NOV wins road infrastructure project in Colombia

News date: 16 January 2023

Grupo NOV Engenharia e Construções in Colombia is part of the winning consortium for the works to improve roads in the Department of Santander. This is one of the 32 departments of Colombia, located in the northeast part of the country, with its capital Bucaramanga being the seventh most populous city in the country.

The work was awarded last December, and the consortium also includes 3 Colombian companies. It has an execution period of 60 months and a value of 17.8 million dollars.

This engineering and construction project, in the Department of Santander, intends to connect several government regions, bringing together villages that until now had very poor quality road connections. There will be 31 km of roads to be paved, which also includes containment works, hydraulic works (sewers like INVIAS, box culvert and crowning ditch), vertical and horizontal signs.

Some of the roads to be improved require deep requalification work, to improve circulation between territories for the population and improve road safety. These are primary and secondary roads, without adequate paving or even on beaten earth, without slope protection or adequate drainage.

Considering, on the one hand, the orography in which it is developed and, on the other, some areas of high urban density, this is considered a work of high complexity that, according to the Specifications, demanded, in addition to general experience, specific experience in works with the same characteristics. For this, Grupo NOV Engenharia e Construções - Sucursal Colombia needed to certify specific contracts of similar complexity.

As an international and diversified group, in Latin America, Grupo NOV is also present in the markets of Brazil and Venezuela with activities related to construction, industry and real estate.