Landscaping redevelopment of Rossio Marquês de Pombal in Estremoz

News date: 3 March 2023

The landscaping work of Rossio Marquês de Pombal, in Estremoz, was awarded by the Municipality of Estremoz to the Grupo NOV Engenharia & Construções, through a consortium formed by NOV Pro Construções and Lena Engenharia e Construções.

The project, whose final investment was around 1.6 million euros, started in march 2022 and ended last february 2023.

The works carried out consisted of the rehabilitation of the various public spaces, encouraging universal mobility and full accessibility, favoring pedestrians and creating conditions to promote the endogenous values of the region.

The works that stood out were the improvement of infrastructure and the implementation of support equipment for daily and handicraft fairs with the assembly of various kiosk-modules; recovery of the existing marble pavement (a total of 1,609 m2) and placement of a new white marble pavement (a total of 7,620 m2); restoration of 24 steel and wooden benches; execution of 2 ramps for access to the Monastery/City Hall in marble stone slab; pavement recovery in some existing streets.

In addition, the requalification also included some aspects of beautification of the surroundings and creation of green spaces. The entire scenic image associated with public and decorative lighting was improved, with the integration of an “OASE” type water feature with a light source with water jets, water vapor and tidal effect; execution of two ecological islands; tree plantations and construction of flowerbeds with bushes.

Valuing cooperation and as a diversified group with several areas of activity, the project also had the collaboration of Viamarca and Lenobetão of Grupo NOV Indústria.