Good environmental practices of the Eurosol Hotels help Firefighters Associations

News date: 10 March 2023

The Eurosol Hotels have maintained active their environmental and social responsibility policies.

In 2022, in addition to the social solidarity campaign developed for Operation Red Nose, they also joined the Humanitarian Associations of Volunteer Firefighters (HAVF), from the areas where their hotel units operate, in the campaign "Quartel Eletrão".

The campaign “Quartel Eletrão” is a project of Eletrão that is aimed at raising the awareness of the population for the recycling of batteries, lamps and electrical electronic equipment (EEE). In addition to contributing to the protection of the environment, the HABV that collected the most waste would also be awarded.

The Hotels of Grupo NOV Tourism were able to contribute with a total of six tons of waste. As part of the campaign, it was delivered used electrical equipment to the Humanitarian Associations of Volunteer Firefighters of Leiria, Minde, Seia and Gouveia.

This result is due to the exemplary involvement of its teams and the good environmental practices that Eurosol Hotels have been adopting in their units, such as the placement of ecopoints on each of the hotel floors.

In 2022, it was possible to conclude that the production of organic waste and recycled waste was balanced, with the latter accounting for around 48% of the total. The sum of paper and cardboard, packaging and glass added up to 77% of the waste sent. In the campaign to support Volunteer Firefighters, electrical and electronic equipment accounted for 19% of the waste sent for recovery. The remaining recycled waste was toners, batteries, light bulbs, cooking oil, plastic lids, cork stoppers.

As for the consumption of resources, this past year, such as water, electricity and gas, there was also a decrease in the consumption/nights ratio, compared to the previous year and also compared to 2019 (year with normal levels of activity, without the effects of the pandemic).

In addition to social responsibility, environmental responsibility has been a macro value at Grupo NOV. This action made it possible to continue to reduce the ecological footprint of Eurosol hotel units, with the joint effort of teams and guests.