Grupo NOV requalifies Municipal Market of Beja for 2.1 million euros

News date: 15 May 2023

The work of «Requalification of the Municipal Market of Beja» was awarded by the Municipality of Beja to Grupo NOV Engenharia & Construções. The contract, which began in June 2020, was completed this May, for a final amount of 2.1 million euros.

The requalification of the Market included a transformation at a structural, organizational, functional and commercial level, with a view of making the space more modern, to refocus it as an important commercial unit, and a reference point of commercial, historical, social and economic centrality of the municipality of Beja.

The Market building also has Estado Novo architectural features and operates in a single body, with a total of 3 floors, two above ground level and one below, all with access from inside the Market.

The following stand out as the main interventions: the concentration of the fruit and vegetable and fish sector in the North Wing of the Market, where sets of commercial modules were created – “islands of stalls” – “front to front”; the creation of a refrigerator complex consisting of an ice machine and five positive cold chambers; the execution of four kiosks in laminated MDF panel and metallic metallic structure; the execution of esplanade areas on a wooden deck. The work also included the execution of a vertical garden in the outer courtyard and the supply and installation of a vertical lift platform, LED lighting, vertical entrance panel including Braille reading, panoramic landing doors in aluminum and intended for people with disabilities.

This was yet another undertaking in which Grupo NOV Engenharia e Construções was able to demonstrate its competence and know-how. The construction area is the most diversified of this business group, being present in the African and American continents.