EN 101 requalified with the contribution of Viamarca

News date: 18 May 2023

The EN 101, and the respective intersection with the EN 205, was recently the target of several requalification and pavement improvement interventions.

The subcontract, awarded to Viamarca, lasted about seven months, starting in July 2022 and ending in January of this year. The investment was around 200 thousand euros.

The intervention covered an approximate length of 20.4 kilometres, starting at the boundary of the districts of Viana do Castelo and Braga, next to the village of Figueirinha, and ending at the intersection with the EN 205 at km 83+460.

The main objective of the requalification of the road was to improve its traffic conditions and road safety. It included interventions in terms of pavement drainage, signaling and safety equipment, reformulation of intersections, treatment of urban crossing areas, among other works to improve the road.

Regarding the vertical signage, around 1,500 traffic signs and 200 m2 of panel were placed.

Regarding the horizontal signaling, around 67 kilometers of lines (guides and axles) were executed, around 4 thousand m2 of various road markings, such as painting crosswalks, lanes, arrows and stop's and around 1,300 markers were applied Cat to reinforce the visibility of road markings.