Mission, Vision and Values


To ensure the creation of value for customers, employees, shareholders and the society in general in all business areas, by developing products and providing high quality services based on values of competence, cooperation, ethics, rigour and soundness, respecting the sustainable growth pattern.



NOV Group aspires to be a multinational group with an Iberian dimension, focused on Construction but diversified in complementary activities that add value to it, such as Industry and Environment, or in activities that add sustainable dimension in markets where it operates, such as Automobiles.



The NOV Group is a multinational group which takes pride in its origins and is active in its social responsibilities. We maintain Reliability as a value, seeking out excellence in everything we do, valuing the ability to fulfill commitments assumed. Strength is another of the values we maintain based on a solid culture common to all companies. We also adopt an attitude of Cooperation, both internally and with all our external partners.

We maintain these values, adding further both Competence and Ethics. Competence by enhancing our human resources, equipping them with the fundamental knowledge to fulfill with quality the services requested from us. Ethics based on fulfilling what we assume as values, being recognized as such.

We are NOV Group: More Value