In North Africa, the most prominent activity is engineering and construction, with relevant projects in each market.
In that continent, NOV Group has been developing activities in Algeria and Morocco.

In Algeria we have been developing relevant national projects since 2006, with a stable presence in the hubs: Alger, Oran, Annaba, Setif and Tamanrasset. The investment in this market has been focused in the construction of communication routes and residential and non-residential buildings, with special focus in the health sector (hospitals).

The presence in Morocco is marked by the construction of a section of the Fnideq highway and the construction of 30 km of highway between Fez and Taza.

Morocco - HighwayMorocco
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Algeria - Hospital of BlidaAlgeria
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Algeria - DBK HospitalAlgeria
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International Markets

NOV Group Algeria

After opening its doors to the foreign investment in 2005, Algeria began a new social development cycle, with a major public investment in infrastructures. The strong investment that has been taking place, both public and private, particularly in infrastructures, turn Algeria into a very attractive market.

NOV Grou, the new designation for the NOV Group, is present in Algeria through the Engineering & Construction business area, having carried out key projects since 2006. Based upon an expansion policy, NOV Group’s business strategy for the Algerian market led to its participation in strategic projects for Algeria and, more widely, for North Africa.

The priority has been the construction of communication routes and non-residential buildings, with particular emphasis on the healthcare sector. NOV Group has been present in four regional hubs: Alger, Oran, Sétif and Annaba.

A well-established presence in the market, customer confidence and commercial vitality all were key elements to secure contracts which ensure the operations of NOV Group in Algeria until 2015.

Some of the main completed or ongoing projects are:

  • Rehabilitation of the roads between Tamanrasset and Guezzam (225 kms);
  • Conclusion of a Pediatric Cardiology Hospital with 80 beds in Draa Ben Khedda, Wilaya – Tizi Ouzou;
  • Conclusion of the Geriatric Hospital with 100 beds in Zeralda - Alger;
  • Conclusion of the Cancer Treatment Hospital with 140 beds in Draa Ben Khedda, Wilaya – Tizi Ouzou;
  • Realization of construction works, water and sanitation, finishings, kitchens, laundries, E&M Instalations, Hospital equipments and external arrangements of the regional hospital with 168 beds in Blida;
  • Realization (lot 1 and 2) of reinforced concrete works, construction works, finishings, water and sanitation, E&M instalations, Kitchens, laundries, hospital equipments and external arrangements of the regional hospital with 168 beds in Tamanrasset;
  • Realization and recreation of the fishing port in Tipaza;
  • Realization of the fishing port shelter in Gouraya;
  • Reinforcement of the piers between nº 6,14 and 15 with a total of 620 ml and the implementation of the cathodic protections nº 2 to 14 in a total of 246 ml;
  • Study and realization of the Olympic Swimming Pool in Ben Aknoun - Alger;
  • Study and realization of the 4 stars Hotel (****) in Oran;



(Construction and Public works)
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» Lena Engenharia e Construções, S.A. (E.E.)
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