In Sub-Saharan Africa, the most prominent activity is engineering and construction, with relevant projects in Angola and Mozambique. In these markets, NOV Group is also present in the fields of industry, real estate, automobile and environment.


In Angola, the real activity start-up was in 2006 with the acquisition of a group of companies established under the law of Angola. Currently, NOV Group has seven companies distributed by five business areas: Construction, Environment, Automobile, Real Estate and Industry. The main competences in the construction field in this market are related to communication routes and residential and non-residential buildings.



In Mozambique, due to a new dynamism in the engineering and construction field, NOV Group has been conquering portfolio, mainly in the last years. We highlight works at the level of residential and non-residential buildings. The growth of NOV Group in Africa confirms the rigour and professionalism
of the projects and the resulting trust from customers and
partners, which are an important lever for the affirmation of NOV Group. Businesses in other markets of the African continent are also expected. 


Luena RoadAngola
zoomfoto:Luena Road (47)
Luena PalaceAngola
zoomfoto:Luena Palace (48)
Lucusse Road - Lot 1Angola
zoomfoto:Lucusse Road - Lot 1 (51)
Mona Quimbundo SchoolAngola
zoomfoto:Mona Quimbundo School (52)

International Markets

NOV Group Angola

Angola is one of the most attractive countries for investors and furthermore, it is a country very rich in natural resources (oil, diamonds, fisheries, agriculture, and water resources, among others).

Using the same growth strategy applied in Portugal, currently the Group operates in the following sectors in Angola: Engineering & Construction, Real Estate, Industry and Automotive. Recently, the Group has also invested in the Environment sector, where there are some projects on the pipeline.

The established presence in 10 of the 18 provinces of Angola and important projects for the coming years highlight the excellent performance of NOV Group in this market.

The increase of its construction works portfolio and the services diversification stems from a remarkable and vibrant business strategy, allowing the Group to take part in large-scale projects in Angola:

  • Rehabilitation of a road in the Province of Moxico
  • Logistics base "Kaombo"  for the Oil Industry
  • Alvalade Premium building of 26 floors in Luanda
  • Rehabilitation and extension of the Government Palace Luena
  • Construction of a Drug Addiction Treatment Centre in Bengo
  • Construction of a second building of the Provincial Government in M'Banzacongo
  • Municipal Library of Huambo
  • Agrarian Technical School of Mona Quimbundo;
  • Several rehabilitation works at Catoca Mine
  • Calulo and Luau water supply systems;
  • Rehabilitation of the Samba - Bologongo Road, with a length of 81km, in Kwanza Norte


(Building construction and public works, Environment, Carpentry, Exploration of Sands and Inerts)

» NOV Engenharia e Construções, Lda

(Real estate development and sale)
» Angola Investimento Imobiliária, S.A.
» Jonasbel - Angola Empreendimentos, Lda.

(Vehicles maintenance and sale; short and long term car rentals, with or without driver.)
» TEC, Lda.

NOV Group Mozambique

Present in the building construction and public works sector, the Group began its first two real estate projects back in 1992 in Praça OMM, the continuation of Avenida Lenine.

In 1993 a company under the laws of Mozambique, based in Maputo, was incorporated. In 2012, a dedicated Executive Board was set-up for Mozambique, which triggered a new dynamism and strengthened the commitment of the Group, allocating more material and human resources with the objective of underpinning the position of NOV Group in the country.

The projects portfolio for 2012 and 2013 is a clear sign of a change and reflect a new business strategy, ensuring a sustainable operation in the Mozambican market. The establishment of a new company in the construction sector and the investment in other activity sectors is planned in order to strength the presence of NOV Group in Mozambique.

The Industry & Services business unit has already some projects planned for this market, particularly in which concerns woodworks and road marking, which reflect the NOV Group commitment to this market.

In the building construction sector, the following projects are noteworthy:

• Adaptation and rehabilitation of a workshop -Maputo
• Extension of the FIPGA Offices (Headquarters) - Maputo
• Construction of 10 houses, Lote III - Lichinga
• Rehabilitation of male dormitories in Maputo
• Road signs in the city of Maxixe
• Complex Chibia Village - Matola


» NOV Engenharia e Construções 

Quality, Environmental and Safety management

Based on the values of Rigour, Solidity, Co-operation, Competence and Ethics, and respecting the standards of sustainable growth, NOV Angola Group is committed to the implementation of an Integrated System of Management of Quality, Environment and Safety, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of Customers (through the Quality of its products and services), Society (through the preservation of the environment) and Employees (looking after their Safety and well-being through the prevention of risks).

See the new policies.





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