NOV Group is present in Latin America since the end of the 90’s of the last century, and Brazil was the entrance door.


In the Brazilian market we are present with two companies in the  construction, industry and real estate sectors. The activity undertaken throughout more than 20 years has shown quality and professionalism in the construction and promotion of residential and non-residential projects in the State of Bahia, with the production of cement also highlighted. More recently, NOV Group extended its activity area to the State of Pará with the construction of a biodiesel factory.


In Venezuela, NOV Group is present since 2011 for the development of the project Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela, a project from the Venezuelan government for the construction of social housing. The first phase of the project foresees the construction of 12.300 apartments and two factories around two geographic hubs: Cúa and Ocumare. In addition to the engineering and construction activity, the industrial sector is also present in the market. 

Social HousingVenezuela
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Social Housing - OcumareVenezuela
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International Markets

NOV Group Colombia

Colombia is one of the NOV Group's most recent markets.

Operational activity in this country began in 2021 with the construction of bridges to stabilize the road network of the municipalities in Bolivar.

NOV Group Brazil

NOV Group entered Brazil in 1998 with the rental of construction equipment. In the following years it starts to operate in the areas of construction and promotion of developments and production of concrete.

Presently, the Group continues to operate in the market of Salvador da Bahia in the construction and industry sector and also in the hotel industry.

NOV Group Brazil has a local staff composed of 200 duly trained and skilled individuals in order to offer top-quality services and products.


(Building construction - first-party and third-party works)
» Lizconstruções, Ltda.

(Manufacture and supply of ready-mix concrete)
» Lenobetão, Ltda.


NOV Group Venezuela

In 2011 the social project “Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela” was announced, aiming to address the housing shortage through the construction of 2 million housing units until 2017.

This housing program has been a driving force of the building construction sector in the country and has been essential for the GDP growth in Venezuela. The NOV Group was chosen has one of the partners for this key project, having signed in 2008 the framework agreement for the construction of 50,000 apartments.

In 2010, the company signed the first public works contract.

This contract aimed to promote technology transfer for the installation, manufacture and commissioning of prefabricated systems for the construction and industrialization of houses and also the installation, manufacture and commissioning of prefabricated panel factories.

» Lena Construções Venezuela (branch office).


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