Since 2000, this group has been implementing the VALUES HARMONIZATION PROJECT, a set of internal procedures, with the objective of ensuring that the values of Rigour, Strength, Cooperation, Competence and Ethics are present in all Group companies. Annual audits are performed regarding the fulfilment of these procedures.

The TABLEAU DE BORD is a transversal management tool that measures the performance of each company in the fulfilment of a set of strategic objectives in the financial, human resources and marketing areas.

Among other examples, the synergies are also evident in CANAL NOV, an internal project that promotes the acquisition of new clients between group companies, especially from the commercial team of each company.



NOV Group’s BUSINESS SCHOOL is the entity responsible for the development of tailor-made training for employees to pursue their personal and professional appreciation. We highlight the implementation of several programs for the development of competences in partnership with Universities and Higher Education Schools.

In addition, the focus on human resources is also evident in other internal procedures and projects such as Scholarships, the performance evaluation system, the employees’ satisfaction evaluation system, among others.



Social responsibility is evident in our values. Several projects have been promoted in order to share the created wealth with employees and community in general. Throughout its history, there have been several projects to support Education, Culture, Sports and Social Solidarity, like Scholarships for employees, Engenho e Arte, Lena Business, social solidarity actions and several sponsorships, among others.